Here in Wadagoo our waddies are as important as every traveler.

We believe in offering a quality service, and that is why we deeply analyze each one of the requests that you send to us.

We are launching 1st October in Morocco and we are looking for you


It’s time for action! Click here to start the selection process

How does the selection process work?

Click on the selection process button and fill the contact form

We will ask some questions about you and the knowledge you have about your region. Once we receive it, we will contact you to start the second phase.

Plan a personalized travel itinerary

Based on your initial answers, we will ask you to plan a a personalized travel sample for a traveler profile similar to yours. Here we will value your originality and knowledge about your region.

Skype with us

Once you have passed the itinerary test, we will send you an email to set a time to talk to you. We will use Skype or Hangouts to interview and finally welcome you. 

What is a waddy?

A waddy is a local person, not necessarily dedicated to the tourism sector, who enjoys sharing about his country with all those interested in learning more.

A waddy can be that friend who lives abroad, and whose advice you would ask for if you were visiting his country.


What do you need to be to waddy?

Becoming a waddy is simple, the most important part is that your values are in line with ours .

If you want to participate, you need:

  • To speak at least English or Spanish
  • Connection to Internet
  • Knowing your region in depth
  • Having respect for the environment and nature

What do you obtain by being a waddy?

In Wadagoo we are a big family . We are united by our passion for traveling, sharing and learning.

If you become part of our team, you will have the opportunity to work from home, at your own pace, while helping others discover your favorite spots.

With Wadagoo you won’t have customers but friends , since our system matches you with those travelers who share your tastes and hobbies.

And of course, you earn money while you enjoy helping others!


It’s time for action! Click here to start the selection process

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