Why Wadagoo and no other travel personalization service?

Because we want to be the best at what we do. In Wadagoo we offer constant support from those who really know a destination, those living the local life.

Why are we different?
  • Waddies certification in 3 steps, including a sample itinerary creation and an interview.
  • Service personalized based on your travel preferences. We want you to pay only for what you need. Therefore, the final price will vary depending on the number of days you want assistance during your trip, the number of Waddies you hire, the schedule you choose for the chat and the extra services you want.
  • Sustainable tourism. We promote tourism that respects cultures and the environment. Therefore, we will not accept that any Waddy recommends activities that go against ethics, nor that involve animal abuse neither serious damage to the ecosystem.
  • Profile matching. Our system will analyze all the information that you have provided us, as well as that of your social networks if you authorize us to do so, and we will send you a suggestion of matches with the Waddies with which you have more personality affinity.
How does it work?

Step 1: ¡Find your Waddy – Local Expert!

  • Fulfill the form with your travel preferences. The more we know about you, whe better the paring with your local will be!
  • We will search between our waddies and we will send you the ones that matches better with your interests.
  • Read about them: their hobbies, personalities, etc. And pick your new waddy and friend!
  • We will get you two in contact!

Step 2. ¡Let the planning begin!

  • Once in touch, you will be able to tell your Waddy what do you want in your trip or which kind of experiences do you want.
  • Once your request is sent, your Waddy will create an online itinerary so you can have a look at it before / during your trip.
  • Give him feedback and your Waddy will make the necessary changes to the itinerary.

Step 3. You are know ready to live your own genuine experiences and to travel to the local secret places.

  • You will receive your itinerary, both in your email and Wadagoo App (once we develope and release it), so you can check it whenever you want.

  • Remember: you also have travel assistance with your Waddy! If you have a doubdt or whant to ask about something (places to eat, to visit, to sleep, to see, how to get there… anything!) just ask your Waddy and he will answer you in less than 2 hours.

How can I trust your Waddies?

Getting reliable and trustable Waddies is one of our biggest efforts when designing and developing Wadagoo.

We are certifying Waddies in a 3 steps process.

1: A form where we get to know them in depth: hobbies, languages, profesional and personal background, etc.

2: An itinerary designing test, where we ask them to recreate an online itinerary for a traveler, where we test their abilities and skills to help travelers, their knowledge of their country, their languages levels, etc.

3: An interview (face to face if possible or via Skype)  where we assure that he or she is the one we need for Wadagoo.

We will never accept a Waddy that hasn’t passed successfully through these steps.

We will also overwatch every Waddy progresion and performance, and we will of course analyze your ratings and feedback and take action if necessary.

Which criteria do you have when certifying a Waddy?

This is our idea: that good friend of yours that lives abroad, when you visit him, he isn’t a profesional guide, right? He is just somebody who you get along with, who you share hobbies and preferences with, and that knows his city or country.

That is exactly what we want to replicate in Wadagoo. 

We believe that the ideal Waddy doesn’t have to be a certified, expert in tours or tourism. 

For us, the ideal Waddy is a regular person, with his or her own hobbies and personality, that know in depth their country or region, and that have things in common with you.

To make long story short: we have trusty Waddies, with diferent profiles, diferent hobbies, diferent profesional backgrounds, that have certain things in common: They love to travel, to help others, and they know in depth their region.

Which plans and services are there available?

It will depend on what do you want, and at the same time, on Waddies availability and preferences. 

Every plan include two basic services:

  • Unlimited online chat with your Waddy, through Telegram. However, once we have our App developed (for IOS and Android), it will be done through it.
  • Offline Itinerary: your Waddy will design a personalised travel itinerary based on your preferences, which will include suggested transports, places to eat and sleep, tours or secret spots.

You will also be able to get extra services. These services will be proposed and offered by Waddies, and they will decide the cost of it. Therefore, each Waddy might have unique additional services. Some examples might be:

  • “Welcome service”: Your Waddy will greet you as soon you arrive to his city or country, and will help you with the language, currency exchange, etc. You will receive initial pro-tips for the country, and you will able to solve your first doubdts instantly.
  • “Meet your Waddy”: you will be able to make any plans you want, but with your Waddy. Buy in local markets, have a look at the nightlife, go trekking… etc.
  • Others: unlimited posibilites! A photographer might offer you a tour through the best photography spots, a football fan might show you local courts to have a quick match, a surfer might offer you to go surfing to their best beaches, etc.

For more info, please visit our “plans and services”  page.

I chose a Waddy but I can't find the extra service of meeting him, or other that I wanted to hire. What's the problem?

If you can’t see certain extra services from a Waddy, it could be because of two reasons:

  • Because your Waddy doesn’t have availability to offer those extra services in the selected dates.
  • Because your Waddy doesn’t provide those extra services in the city or area you are travelling to.
Can I add whoever I am travelling with, to the chat I have with my Waddy?

Of course! You can add up 3 extra people to the chat. Once we develop our Wadagoo App, this feature will be maintained.

This way, all your group will be on the chat and you will able to ask whatever you want or need.

Can I contact with more than 1 Waddy to get information or solve doubts with locals with different hobbies or knowledge?

In Wadagoo we are natural travelers as you, and we already thought in this. We are aware that, in certain situations, we need to speak to different people to get more points of view, second opinions, or simply information about a topic that our chosen Waddy doesn’t master. 

  • If you have selected our Basic plan, you will be able to speak with adittional Waddies for 5€ each extra Waddy.
  • If you have selected our Premium Plan, you will be able to speak with 2 additional waddies for no extra cost! If you wish to speak with even more Waddies, you will be able to do it for 2€ each extra Waddy.
Will I be able to use Wadagoo offline?

Our basic services are divided into two: Guides / Maps, and support chat:


  • Guides and maps: this is the part that your Waddy has prepared for you, based on your preferences. You will be able to access to it offline and/or print it
  • Support chat: As it is an online chat in real time, you will obviously require of internet connection in order to chat with your Waddy. This is why we recommend you to purchase an internet data card upon your arrival at the destination. We are working hard to reach and agreement for internet cards at a reduced price for our Gooers 🙂

Once we develope our Wadagoo App, this features will be maintained. You will be able to keep your itinerary on your App, and chat with your Waddy through it.


How do I book a Waddy?

Once we finish the pairing with your ideal Waddies, we will send you a short list and you will make the final choice. Once you pick your Waddy, we will contact him to get his service confirmation. 

Once confirmed by the Waddy, we will get you two in contact to begin the travel itinerary.

What will happen if my Waddy doesn't confirm or accept the service?

Once we sent you the profiles we have already checked the availability of the Waddies. If after that, your Waddy cancels the service, we will arrange the service with your second election, and of course, take action regarding the first Waddy.

If Waddies fail to confirm a service even if they gave us their OK in the first place, will be sanctioned or banned.

When is the Payment done?

Payment will be done once the traveler has chosen his/her Waddy, and the service has been confirmed

¿Which are the available payment methods?

We will accept payments through Paypal or credit/debit card.


What can I do if my Waddy doesn't answer to my messages?

Firstly, confirm that you are messaging him/her during the period of hours you have selected when purchasing the service. If you are writing your Waddy during the afternoon but you only have selected and paid for the morning service, he/she doesn’t need to answer, although he could. But it is not required.

If you are messaging your Waddy during the right hours, please give him a period of 2 hours to answer you. If after 2 hours you haven’t received response, please, send us a message or email to support@wadagoo.com or call us. We will contact with the Waddy to know what’s the reason for not attending your messages.

We insist our Waddies to answer in less than 2 hours if within their selected hours of availability. If we don’t find a reasonable explanation for their delay in their answer, we will refund you that day of service, or we will send you a new code to hire a new Waddy withour any adittional cost.


I haven't started my trip, or I am travelling, but I'm not liking my Waddy's recommendation or answers.

Write us to support@wadagoo.com or send us a message and we will contact you. We will consider the reasons why you are not enjoying the service and:

  • If your reasons are logical and resonable, we will find alternative Waddies for you without any cost.
  • If we don’t agree with your reasons, but you are decided to not continue with your Waddy:
    • If you haven’t started your trip, you will only be charged for one day of service. We will refund you the rest of the purchased days.
    • If you already started your trip, you will be charged until the day you wrote us with your complaint (including that day). We will refund you the days left of service.
I want to cancel a booked service. How do I proceed?

Contact with us. The refund will depend on the time since the booking was made, and the remaining days left to the beginning of your trip. Our cancellation policy is still to be defined.


What is a Waddy?

A Waddy is a local, lover of his/her city or country, that has enough knowledge about it that he can easily recommend anybody where to go, to sleep, to eat, etc, always based on the traveler preferences. They are experts that know what pieces of advice give the traveler to live like a local during their trip. 

Waddies must always give enough tips to the traveler, to allow him to travel off the beaten tracks, and to avoid the crowded touristic places or the places every tour takes you too.

Waddies must be respectful, both with their own culture as with others cultures and ideology. We pursue an interaction between Waddy and traveler that allows both of them to learn about other cultures, ways of living and people.

Waddies must also be respectful with nature. We want people committed with local, sustainable and responsible tourism, and we strongly believe in nature and animals protection. Waddies are not allowed to recommend activities or experiences that might harm the ecosystem.

El waddy debe ser también respetuoso con el medio ambiente. Queremos a personas comprometidas con un turismo local, sostenible y responsable, y creemos en el respeto a la naturaleza y a los animales.

Which are Waddies' duties?

As a Waddy, your duty is to plan the route for the traveler, based on their preferences and interests. Which shouldn’t be hard, as we will pair you with tavelers that share hobbies and interests with you!

During planification, you must take into account travelers’ trip duration, dates, budget and type of activities they are interested in.

But Waddies will not only plan the route. Waddies also offer online chat support during the requested days of service. As a Waddy, you must choose your availability and answer travelers within that chosen time, in less than 2 hours after receiving a traveler’s message.

Between my duties, is required to make bookings or arrangements for my traveler?

We are not a travel agency, so neither us nor waddies are allowed to make bookings that require credit/debid cards, or sensible information of the traveler.

However, through our premium plan, you can help your traveler booking in restaurants, hotels, activities or any other plan that doesn’t require a pre-payment, credit cards or sensible information.

Do I need to be a certified or profesional guide in order to work as a Waddy?

It isn’t necessary to be a certified guide. In fact, for us, that doesn’t mean nothing. Because we are looking for local people passionate about their country and culture, that want to share their knowledge with travelers. And you don’t need to be a certified guide to do that!

In fact, and this is very important, Waddies cannot have any kind of personal interest, or work for any secondary tourism company. This is because we want genuine and sincere recommendations. We don’t want Waddies to recommend certain places to our travelers just because he receives commission or has a friend working there.

We are very strict with this: If we detect that a Waddy is not following this requirement, he will inmediatly banned. ..

Can I reuse the same itinerary several times?

It is not allowed to send the same itinerary to different travelers. Each one has their own hobbies, preferences and activities, so itineraries must be tailor-made for each one of them.

Every itinerary will be reviewed by our team, and we will take action if we detect duplicated itineraries.

However, there are some information that doesn’t change and can be copied. For example, tips with currency, transportation between airport – harbour and city, etc. The kind of information that generally, won’t change nevertheless of the traveler.

Which are the advantages of becoming a Waddy?

Being a Waddy means

  • Earning money by helping travelers to visit your country from the “local” point of view.
  • Work whenever you want: you set your availiability days and hours.
  • Get to know lot of new people and cultures
  • Visibility. If you are, for example, photographer, you will be able to post in your profile your photos and social media.

There is nothing like helping somebody discover the real face of your country, and falling in love with it, looking forward to visit it again.

We believe in the Community feeling. That’s why we will promote events and activities so Waddies can get to know each other, as well as Wadagoo Team. We will regularly publish about our Waddies and their lives, which in the end is, again, visibility.

When and how do I receive the earned money?

Travelers will make the payment before starting the itinerary planning, once the service has been accepted and confirmed by both Waddy and traveler.

The payment made by the traveler, will be hold until the trip has ended. In that moment, Waddies will receive a transference to their bank account with the 70% of the total payment of the traveler.

Still got doubts? Ask us!

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