Wadagoo for business

In Wadagoo we want to help not only independent travelers who organize their own holiday, but also those who, in order to organize their vacations, go to your travel agency, who sleep in your hotel, or even who visit your tourist information office.

If your company wants to differentiate itself from the rest, offer the customer a unique and personalized service, and open a new source of income, Wadagoo can be your ally!

In Wadagoo we offer you our service of local experts in destination, so you can offer it to your clients in the way you prefer:

  • Under your own brand, SaaS (pending development)
  • Directly referring to our website



You will offer your customers an additional service of attention and personalization of the trip, new in the market. A help from those who know the most about a destination: the locals themselves.

New source of clients

Those who seek a middle ground between travel independently and an organized trip, can find a solution with Wadagoo support.

New source of income

We adjust commissions so you get more benefits for each service sold. In addition, your clients will receive a discount for using our platform if they hire it through you.

Reliable service

Our local experts, unlike other receptors, have no personal interests neither charge commissions from third parties. Therefore, the recommendations made to travelers are more disinterested and reliable.

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